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Manage subscribers

Create as many contact lists as you'd like to manage your subscribers, customers and other contacts. Upload contacts from other data sources, or build lists using sign-up forms.

Opt-in process

Use a confirmed opt-in or verified/single opt-in process to help build valid (and valuable) contact lists. Set up confirmation emails that look and feel like your own brand.

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Subscription forms

Create a unique signup form on your website for every list you manage, or easily add a subscription form to your company's Facebook page.

Subscriber groups

Target specific subscribers by creating groups based on data they've shared with you (like gender, geographic location or job title), or previous activity (like whether or not they've opened your last campaign).

Start your contact lists from scratch, or grow existing lists. Track contact history, subscriber engagement and list growth.

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Contact history

- Smart Contact Lists

Measure engagement

For every contact list you maintain, we calculate the engagement level of that list (a special formula that tells you how good - or not so good - your connection with that group of subscribers is).

View activity history for individual contacts, including what campaigns they've received or opened recently, and what links they've clicked. Find out if they’ve unsubscribed or reported complaints.