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3D Virtual Pages

- Smart Campaigns

Smart personalisation

Make use of data from your contact lists to give your campaigns a personal touch. Turn “Hi reader,” into Hi Anne, Hi Kevin and Hi Joe by inserting a single personalised tag in your content.

Advanced editing

More advanced users can use the built-in HTML editor to insert or edit their own code, or upload already designed campaigns as .zip files.

For emails that need to be sent at regular intervals, like a monthly summary of blog updates or other digests.

A/B split tests

No need for guesswork!

Let a small portion of your list determine the best subject line, email from address + name, or content and send the winning version to the rest of your subscriber list.

Email testing

Easily set up one or more emails that will automatically be sent before, on, or after a specific date or event.

Send test emails in text and HTML to make sure that your campaign looks just as good in your inbox as it does onscreen. You can also use the built-in Spam Assassin tool to make sure your content won't raise any red flags before you hit send.

Recurring campaigns

Auto responders

A variety of campaign types, testing options and advanced features make sure you can be as creative as you please.